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Ceremonial Yoga Workshop

You are invited to participate in a ceremonial yoga workshop that creatively weaves together Mayan and Native American wisdom, shamanism, and yoga. Lena Sofie has designed a one day workshop where we will learn about the medicine of the four directions, the power of intention, prayer and embodiment and be able to ground all we explore in the workshop into the body, mind and spirit though the practice of shamanic journeying, the Native American talking circle, ceremonial Hatha yoga and Yoga Nidra. Come and participate and make a difference in your life by planting a seed of what you want to manifest in the presence of a supportive community.

Lena Sofie Hjorth Vestergaard

Lena Sofie was born to Danish parents in the United States and speaks Danish, Spanish and English. She has a bachelors and masters degree in Psychology from Naropa University, an acclaimed Buddhist University in Boulder, Colorado. At Naropa her focus was expressive arts, somatic psychology, Buddhist psychology, transpersonal psychology and the third wave of cognitive psychology. Lena Sofie is a somatic psychologist, hypnotherapist, certified yoga teacher, a yoga therapist, a mindfulness and meditation instructor and brings a multicultural understanding into her work after having travelled extensively and lived in many countries. She has also studied shamanism, Native American spirituality, and mystical wisdom for the past 22 years and is an initiated fire and water priestess in the Mayan tradition. She works with individuals and groups in order to help people transform their lives through ceremony and the awareness of body, mind and spirit. Her private practice called “Know Thyself” evolutionary therapy, yoga and workshops is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Ibiza.

Description of yoga practice

Lena Sofie uses yoga to help people ”come home” to themselves and their bodies and to transform and cleanse any complexes, physical, mental emotional, that prevent one from living from the seat of ones authentic self. She keeps true to the tradition that yoga is a practice for the unification of body, mind and soul. Lena Sofie often weaves her extensive understanding of psychosomatic processes and her skills as a ceremonialist into her yoga practice, offering a deep transformative opportunity for the participants in her workshops and classes. During the workshop you will have the opportunity to ground the essence of what you learn in the workshop and other personal material that may arise due to the work done together, in the felt sense of the body.


The cost of one day workshop is 95 euros. You can reserve your place paying a deposit of 30 euros to:



Account number: IBAN ES8800302603630000402272 - BIC BSCHESMM

Please state your name as reference, and send a copy of the transaction details to

The rest of the quote will be pay the day of the workshop.


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