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Autumn is almost here!

Just like trees shed leaves that fall away, we can fall away from toxic habits, shed negative energy and gracefully evolve into new cycles in our lives.

Autumn season is optimal for whole body transformation.

This "Fall into Wellness" workshop includes:

◊ 90 min Vinyasa Flow to :

Fire up Agni

Get grounded

Gracefully embrace change

◊ Live Music, sweet tunes by Setsun

◊ Ayurvedic inspired brunch to nourish and boost your immune system.

☆ Crystals and Omlicious EOs pop up shop

☆ Bonus to take home:

 Recipes for Autumn wellness,

◊ Yoga tips for Fall

◊ Mini guide to Vedic rituals for personal transformation.


Portals de Yoga

ardin Parking, Ctra. Andratx, 43, local 12, Planta, 07181 Portals Nous, Mallorca

☆Pre booking Essential


☆To Register & pay link:

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