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Release & Rise - 18 & 19/03/2023

In this two day workshop we will use various tools and techniques to help you uncover, release and clear your blockages in the physical, emotional and spiritual body, connect with your intuition, the shaman within and expand your consciousness rising your vibration.

If we don’t address trauma stored in our body, it can cause emotional dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and a barrier in-between where our lives are and what we want to create in life. If you paint over rust, the paint will be very quickly taken over by the rust. Therefore we will strip out the rust (blockages) and then paint (replace) it with fresh “paint”.

For whom is it?

This weekend is for people of all ages WITH or WITHOUT previous experience any kind of personal development or body work. It is perfect for those who want to move past trauma and want to rise and shine expanding their overall well-being.

If you feel the calling to dedicate time to yourself, just reach out to us and let’s connect!


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